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Dear Fellow Resident of Garland District 3:

During the Runoff election on June 5th 2021, I came behind and could not win. “We shall not fail – if we stand firm, we shall not fail. Wise counsels may accelerate, or mistakes delay it, but, sooner or later, the victory is sure to come.” By Abraham Lincoln. I also believe in it. I have addressed couple of things essential for the people of Garland and hope the elected council man will address those issues soon. I am thankful to those who came and voted for me, supported me in different ways, prayed for me, financed me. Never forget those names and faces who supported. With love and prayers for your safety and prosperity. See you next time.

Previous address prior to the Runoff:
1. My goal is to increase the safety in our city. “Texans are 32% more worried about crime and safety than the rest of the country.”  We are only spending 52% of our budget on safety. The current situation is not the best for the citizens of Garland. Some cities encourage the HOA’s to have a patrolling system that helps monitor unusual activities in the neighborhood. We should start implementing a Community police system effectively. We need to have additional layers of safety. 

2. We need to have systematic management of public utilities such as power, water, and natural gas. During the Freezing time, there was a prolonged power outage that caused a lot of issues for the residents and I want to create a program that will have us prepared for events like that. The people should have the choice of electricity.

3, We need a clean city with wider roads especially Bobtown Rd, Lyons Rd, Zion Road, Wynn Joyce and re-route the traffic to Sunnyvale. We need to have sufficient traffic signals and pedestrian crossings. I also want to kickstart the development of the un developed area of Club Creek Area, Club Hills Area, Emerald Lake area, Eastern Hill, Guthrie Rd, Lyons, and many more. Many other cities repair the damaged walk ways without additional charge to the home owner and I will recommend same for the Garland Citizens if I am elected.

4.  I want to bring a more welcoming atmosphere to the residents of Garland. We need to have a lakeside area with a playground and parking to go out and hang out with family or friends. There are many undeveloped areas near the lake that can be used for this.

5.  No one is raising or initiating a voice against increasing property taxes every year. My proposal to the appraisal board or the leaders of the State or Senate is to only increase every 3 years instead of every year.

6.  I want to help reduce the cost of utilities like the water bill. Utilizing the lake’s water efficiently can help reduce our water bill. My goal is to help the city find other income to reduce the burden on the residents of Garland.

7.  We need to promote small businesses because many people lead their families with their business income and it will also lead to an increase in jobs.

8.  We should uplift our schools and Garland ISD to a higher level to the standard of Plano, Coppell, etc. I want to increase parent involvement in the schools so they can have more participation in their children’s lives.

9. Homeless people are to be accommodated without having issues with the current neighborhood and I plan to create a new proposal to present in the City Council. 

10. My goal is to help minorities and the underserved, oversee government activities for fairness, maintain accountability and professionalism, promote volunteer organizations, and attract quality employers. I also plan to continue current projects by the incumbent Council Member.

11. We also need to have more sports grounds for Cricket, Soccer and for other sports activities.

12.  We need to keep our City Brighter in the night since many areas are too dark due to the lack of sufficient lighting.

There are a lot of issues to be addressed. If you have any concerns, please let me know so that I may take it to a further level.  There are many specific requests received and will address them in the Council if I am elected.

My passion to serve my community started in high school. I am a former Senate Member of the University to the board member of the high school, President of the parent’s association, employed by the USACE and the state of Texas, and served two terms as the HOA President. I would like to continue my journey to serve my people.
I am confident in what I am standing for and what I can do for the people.

Please cast your vote once again for me. If you were not able to vote the first time, take this as another opportunity to give me a chance to stand for you.

PC Mathew

District 3 Candidate for City of Garland Run-Off Election on June 5


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