Vaccinate All, Manage Utilities, Support Small Businesses, Fire Fighters and Police, Value Education, Tax Reduction, Help the Less Fortunate, and more…

Expedite vaccination. Improve health and wellness outcomes during and after the pandemic.

Increase the involvement of parents in school activities to achieve excellent academic goals and empower the youth to be socially committed and globally competent.

Continue the relevant projects by the current Council Member and further explore the possibilities of improving infrastructure which includes: roads, bridges, animal protection facilities, schools, health clinics and services, etc.

Oversee local government activities and communicate transparently with the people of Garland to assure that all are treated fairly, especially minorities and the under-served.

Reduce crime and improve safety within the City of Garland. Support Fire fighters and Police Forces who are the forces needed safety.
We need to support the Fire Fighters who save our lives battling blaze.

Ensure systematic management of public utilities (power, water and natural gas) towards the comfort of the residents.

Work on Tax reduction program for home owners and attract good insurance companies to the area for less rates.

Increase employment opportunities by attracting quality employers, and support/prioritize small businesses.

Facilitate opportunities for various volunteer organizations to serve Garland community and utilize the potential of students, youth, and educators for leading awareness programs to protect the environment, substance abuse, etc.

Help the homeless, elderly, and the less fortunate by gathering resources of potential persons and businesses within the community and beyond, to make and maintain Garland as a great place to live.

Be a role model of good leadership with accountability, professionalism and compassion in serving the community.

Projects promoting sports, arts, and extracurricular activities by exploring the possibilities of creating more recreation facilities and sport grounds, etc. utilizing the resources available.

Mi Visión (Spanish)
1.  Asegurar la gestión sistemática de energía, agua y gas natural para la comodidad de las personas.
2. Garantizar la seguridad, salud, y bienestar de la gente.3. Continuar los proyectos actuales y explorar nuevos proyectos.4. Atraer empleados de calidad a Garland aumentando la oportunidad de trabajos.5. Apoyar y darle prioridad al crecimiento de las pequeñas empresas.6. Facilitar varias organizaciones de voluntarios para servir a nuestra comunidad.7. Involucrar estudiantes, jóvenes y educadores en el desarrollo de la comunidad.8. Prioridad en la protección del medio ambiente y luchar por el abuso de sustancias, etc.9. Involucrar a los padres en las actividades escolares para alcanzar excelentes metas académicas.  10. Empoderar a la juventud para que estén socialmente comprometidos y sean globalmente competentes.11. Ayudar a los vagabundos, ancianos y menos afortunados.12. Supervisar las actividades del gobierno local para que sean justas.13. Ayudar a las minorías y a los desatendidos.14. Mantener la responsabilidad y profesionalismo sirviendo a la comunidad
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