PC talked to many people: PC Attended the Council meeting for Residents while QT Truck Station briefing conducted by the Council Member Jerry Nickerson and expressed the Concerns of the nearby residents.

We Need Our Infrastructure to be Re-Built. Better Roads, Bridges, Parking.

Requests and Concerns received from the Residents:

I would like to propose: *widening  Bobtown Rd and create parking in front of the existing houses by having an appropriate trench/drainage  put in.
*Keeping the flow of traffic on Bobtown Rd. near Sunnyvale  moving without too much of a backup.

*Working with the town of Sunnyvale to come up with a solution that will look at the traffic patterns going back and forth between Sunnyvale and south Garland, to ensure we get ahead of future problems and needs.
*This is including looking at rerouting some of the traffic to Sunnyvale and getting Barnes Bridge reopened. 

*Check on possibly getting sidewalks put in on Lyons Rd, where there is high pedestrian traffic.
*Work to get a pedestrian bridge constructed over the interstate on Bass Pro. Dr.

* Will push to get  permanent Restrooms placed at Ablon park.

* Fight to keep some nature and Green Spaces in the southern part of our city to encourage  wellness and health for our citizens. 

* Support bringing in not only tax revenue, but businesses that enhance the quality of life and property values in our district. Businesses that  will build up our neighborhoods not detract from our long term goals.

*with the upcoming expansion of Interstate 30, I would like to meet with  TXDOT to come up with a solution that will reduce noise pollution, as a part of ensuring the quality of life for my constitutes living nearby.

*Need to find a solution for the Treatment plant which spreads the foul smell for residents.

You may want to check the plans on the expansion on 30, there may be no need to add the part about Bass Pro pedestrian bridge, if the plan is still to change that whole area.

By a Resident at Bobtowon Area, Garland

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