Why PC

PC Mathew was a student leader who achieved real life needs for the students when he was a University Union Councilor and Senate Member of the University.

PC Mathew helped parents providing free text books and stationery items for the students when the school opening time when he was the president of the Parents Association and Board Member of the High School.

PC Mathew done lot of good things for the community without increasing HOA fees, and maintained a bigger community, and led a 5 board member team as HOA President for two terms. Saved the money during the storm damages within the allowed funds of the insurance company and extended personal help to the residents who were struggled out of the storm.

PC Mathew is a Donor of Blood, and led blood donation drive, conducted free medical camp, talent promotional events several times in Garland. Now he is still willing to work on COVID 19 Vaccination camp for those not received the vaccination based on the demands of the people.

PC Mathew organized a prayer line and assigned a Pastor to lead the prayer for America from the last one year and still it going on every day 9:00 pm Central time.

PC Mathew love the nature, especially the beautiful Garland. Produced a short film about the importance of nature protection.

PC Mathew as a good parent, produced a drug awareness short film for saving the youth.

PC Mathew is the only one raising voice against the increased Property Tax and requesting the higher authorities to find other income to reduce the burden of the people. He is also standing for reducing the water bill.

PC Mathew is looking forward to upgrade the South Garland with good infrastructure with good roads and bridges and sports ground.

PC Mathew with his kind heart is for the homeless to accommodate them without affecting the current home owners to a location wherein a medical clinic, police out post, and a dart connection.

If you elect PC Mathew, we are not electing one individual, but you are electing a person who would like to do things with great love of God for the people.

Now leaving to your hands,


A friend of PC Mathew who knows him from long time.

A humble, simple and able leader who want to stand for the people.

Want to work with us?

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